Board of Trustees

Mission Statement:

Macculloch Hall Historical Museum preserves the history of the Macculloch-Miller families, the Morris area community, and the legacy of its founder, W. Parsons Todd through its historic site, collections, exhibits, educational and cultural programs. The Museum is a not-for-profit educational affiliate of the W. Parsons Todd Foundation.

Board of Trustees

Macculloch Hall Historical Museum is governed by an elected Board of Trustees.


Jock Clark – President

Ken Chin – 1st Vice President

Kevin Brennan – Treasurer

Patricia Grushkin– 2nd Vice President

Alice Cutler – Secretary


Carol Bere

Shelley Brooke

Carol Gardner

Al Giraldi

Susannah Harris

Brian Hays

Peter Hunter

Chloé Millea

Rachel Mullen

Jane Odenweller