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From Homestead to Historic House: The Architectural History of Macculloch Hall
May 14-August 27, 2017

George Macculloch, a Scotsman born in Bombay, emigrated from London to America with his wife and two children in 1806. Settling in Morristown in 1810, Macculloch built a Federal-style brick mansion on a 26-acre gentleman’s farm. A businessman, scholar, and visionary, Macculloch is best known as the “father” of the Morris Canal, an international engineering marvel.  Generations of the Macculloch family influenced education, economics, politics and cultural events of their day.

The “Old House,” as it was known to Macculloch’s descendants, was acquired by Morristown philanthropist W. Parsons Todd in 1949 to house his collections.

Now Showing in Our Upstairs Gallery

Artist, Fireman, Music Maker: Portraits of Thomas Nast

June 11-September 17, 2017

Thomas Nast (1840-1902) is one of the most recognized names in the world of political cartoons. From his early works documenting the Civil War to his final images made in Ecuador prior to his death, Nast’s imagery illustrates his interests and world views. A devoted family man who was very close to his wife and children, Nast often incorporated portraits of his family members into his work. He also included self-portraits in his work tapping into a long tradition of artistic self-portraiture—a forerunner to today’s “selfie”.

In addition to creating his own images, Nast enjoyed being photographed. Throughout his life he commissioned photographic portraits, some formal, some whimsical. Nast’s self-portraiture demonstrates his engagement with politics and current events during the second half of the nineteenth century, as well as offering a window into his home life and personal interests, like firemen. In the images on display the artist shows himself perhaps as he saw himself. In so doing, Nast allows the viewer to get just a little closer to him.