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Presidential History: W. Parsons Todd Collects Washington, Lincoln, and More!
September 17, 2017-January 28, 2018

Dorothy “Dolley” Payne Todd Madison (1768-1849) was the great-great-aunt, by marriage, of Macculloch Hall Historical Museum’s founder, W. Parsons Todd (1877-1976). Although this relationship seems rather stretched, Todd was proud of his link to early United States history, which reinforced his personal ideas of patriotism. Todd’s presidential memorabilia collection reflects his heroes among the traditional “founding fathers” of Washington, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison. These artifacts add a sense of glamour and vitality to his Museum as the First Lady herself had once touched the nation’s capital.

The exhibition also anticipates the interest of children in history, and includes a special children’s component titled Eating & Working in the President’s House. Through interactive displays, children learn about the day-to-day lives of famous presidents and their families.

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