Porcelain Collection


The Museum’s founder W. Parsons Todd had a passion for antique porcelain. With enthusiasm and persistence, Todd acquired the finest examples of French, German, English, and Chinese export porcelain, creating a collection of approximately 450 examples reflecting the major European and Asian china manufacturers from 750 to 1850.

Macculloch Hall Historical Museum’s collection is a reflection of Mr. Todd’s interests, and Macculloch Hall became an interpretation of a gentleman’s estate of the early nineteenth century. Mr. Todd collected only fine, rare and unusual examples of porcelain and other decorative arts and furnishings for the Museum’s holdings. As a result of Mr. Todd’s educated taste, the furnishings in the period rooms evoke a sense of splendor and refinement to today’s visitors. It suggests what life could have been like in the mansion during the nineteenth century – but it does not necessarily portray life as it may have been for the Macculloch family, who built the house in 1810. Although the country house was elegant, it was simple. The Maccullochs may not have used Worcester, Meissen, and Sevres like the examples in the Museum’s collection, although these pieces are eagerly sought after and collected today.