Dig it! Plant it! Eat it!

Dig it! Plant it! Eat it!


Youth Summer Garden Program, Summer 2017 

Through hands-on gardening, guided interactive learning experiences, tours of the Museum’s exceptional eighteenth-century kitchen, and an art making experience with New Jersey artist and storyteller children will:

  • learn how Macculloch Hall grew, prepared and stored fruits and vegetables to sustain the household throughout the year
  • learn how to cultivate and care for a kitchen garden
  • consider the positive environmental impact of pollinating insects and birds
  • examine the nutritional and environmental impact of a local garden
  • participate in the creative aspect of tending green space and using inspiration from it to create art
  • explore the history of the community while participating in it

 Dig it! Plant it! Eat it! offers single, double and multi-visit experiences.


Please check back with us in the spring for details.